Actor Like Irrfan Khan Come Once In A Life Time Says Nimrat Kaur

Actress Nimrat Kaur who made her acting debut with Lunch Box with Irrfan Khan, expressed her grief on the demise of the veteran actor said actor of his calibre come once in a life time.

Veteran actor Irrfan Khan passed away in the wee-hours of Wednesday in Kokilaben Dhuribhai Ambani Hospital. The actor was struggling with cancer and with recent colon infection complicating his health, he took his last breath with family and friends in Mumbai.

Talking about Irrfan Khan and working with him, Nimrat Kaur said, “Remarkable actors like Irrfan Khan come once in a generation, so losing him is bad for the entire world. He was world famous actor and he had worked his way from ground up. Actor’s of his calibre comes once in a life time, so I think his demise is a big loss for entire world. Anyone who has worked with him, knew about his work, or watched his movies; this is a personal loss for everyone”

“Without Irrfan Khan’s craft, understanding and presence, this industry will not be same as what is used to be with his work, our industry was recognized because of his work. Irrfan Khan’s film on one hand and entire industry’s film on the other hand, this used to be the scenario” added Nimrat.

Homeland actor Nimrat also shared one of her most cherished incident with Irrfan Khan, when Lunch Box released at Cannes film festival.

She said, “I feel extremely fortunate that my career started with Irrfan Khan. I did a film with him, Lunch Box. I remember when the film released in Cannes and everyone was praising the film, and there were people and lights and what not, and I got a little scared and asked Irrfan, how he is handling such adulation and fame? He in his own classic style told me, definitely enjoy the good times and be in the moment, as good times in life rarely comes. See bad things are always there in life, it is the good times that come rarely, so when they do come, enjoy and embrace them”

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