Akshay Kumar Feels Proud To Be Friend Of Real Heroes, Than Reel Life

Actor Akshay Kumar is proud of having more real-life friends than reel life friends. His real-life heroes are none other than police officers. Akshay deems that because of them he comes to know what’s happening on the ground level. The ‘Houseful 4’ actor feels like saluting them as through them he gets acquainted with many inspirational stories.

Akshay talking about his upcoming film ‘Sooryavanshi’ said that, “In the film I am fighting with the terrorist, a virus which is seen. But our police force is fighting with the virus which cannot be seen. And this inspires me a lot. There is absolutely no doubt that Police Commissioner Vishwas is a real hero. And I am the reel hero. I really feel proud that more than reel hero friends I have real hero friends. Like Vishwas, he is my very good friend. What is actually happening on the ground level and on-field I come to know through these friends. I get to know so many inspirational stories from them, that I feel like always saluting them.

I must say because of these real heroes so many lives are saved. People feel safe and sound under their protection. Apart from them, doctors, nurses, BMC workers are also working very hard. We should all respect them also.”

Earlier, actor Akshay Kumar donated to the Mumbai Police in another generous gesture after three of the police personnel died due to COVID-19. The official handle of Mumbai Police announced the news of losing three brave warriors to the virus.

Later, the Commissioner of Police, Shri Param Bir Singh, took to Twitter to mention Akshay’s contribution and how this was going to help in protecting various policemen who are working tirelessly to safeguard people against the virus in the city.

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