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All three leading actors of movie ‘Qurbani’ died on the same date

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Released in the year 1980, blockbuster film “Qurbani” was the Bollywood’s greatest grosser that year procuring Rs. 6,00,00,000 at the Box Office after its Release.

In spite of the fact that the motion picture was an adjustment of the 1972 Italian film The Master Touch, its melodies throughout the decades introduced upset as it remained India’s chartbusters till the mid-80s with tunes like “aap jaisa koi” and “Qurbani, Qurbani” which turned into a religion exemplary.

While the film has many records and titles to its name, it now additionally has the amusing title of having it’s three driving stars to be specific Vinod Khanna, Feroz Khan, and Amjad Khan passing on a similar date… 27th.

While performing artist Vinod Khanna kicked the bucket on April 27th, 2017 in Mumbai because of bladder malignancy, his dear companion and co-performer Feroz Khan passed on precisely on a similar date – April 27th in 2009.

In addition, to a degree even the reason for death was comparative as Feroz Khan too kicked the bucket of growth (Lung Cancer).

In the interim, the third performer from the motion picture to bite the dust on a similar date was on-screen character Amjad Khan who passed away in 1992 because of Congestive heart disappointment.

While Amjad simply like the other two kicked the bucket on 27th, he passed away on July 27th, 1992.

Rest in peace legends, despite the fact that you three are no longer with us, you keep on living in the hearts of your fans through your work.

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