Anupam Kher’s series of #ConversationsWithMyself

Anupam Kher’s series of #ConversationsWithMyself, that are fun and entertaining short videos on Instagram, is now addressing a more serious, social issue that has been a topic of debate lately. The actor asks a pertinent question in his new video – whose fault is it when a negative video is posted on a social media platform?

He urges the viewers to reflect and asks – is this mindset of the social media platforms or of the people who post these videos? And if such videos are being made, why are they going viral? Have we started enjoying putting other people down?

He emphasizes that keeping negativity aside, all Social Media platforms today have a lot of positivity to offer and he himself he gets to know about the world, about people’s talents, their humour, etc. and wonders why we can’t spread love instead of hate.

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