Anushka Sharma Demand Justice For Pregnant Elephant Killed In Kerala

A barbaric incident of animal abuse came forward in Kerala where a pregnant elephant was fed a pineapple filled with crackers. As a result, the elephant died while standing in the river. This has raged anger amongst the people all over the country and everybody is demanding for justice over this horrific incident. Bollywood actresses too came forward and tweeted about the same.

Anushka Sharma who is a big animal lover took to her social media account and shared, “#Repost @tedthestoner We all would urge @cmokkerala to find the perpetrators and bring them to justice for this heinous crime. A pregnant elephant was fed cracker stuffed pineapple by unidentified people in Kerala which exploded in her mouth and damaged her jaw. She walked around the village and finally passed away standing in a river. We keep searching for monsters hoping they would be having the devil’s horns on their heads. But look around you, the monsters walk beside you. This elephant was going to give birth 18-20 months later. Even after the elephant was injured, she did not crush a single home or hurt a single human being. She just stood in a river because of the excruciating pain and passed away without hurting a single soul. From anybody who throws stones at a stray dog to anybody hurting a living soul, choose one face. A lot of these animals trust human beings because they have been helped by them in the past. This is cruel beyond measure. When you lack empathy and kindness, you do not deserve to be called a human being. To hurt someone is not human. Just stricter laws won’t help. We need a decent execution of the law too.

“Until the guilty are punished in the worst possible way, these wicked monsters will never fear the law.  Though it’s a difficult task, I hope they are able to find out the one who committed this crime and punish them accordingly. Artwork by Bratuti”

We hope stricter action is taken against this heinous crime!

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