Audience Reaction is important says Tariq Imtyaz

Actor Tariq Imtyaz says that audience reaction is important as a feedback to improve
and work better.
Tariq was interacting with media for the promotionof his forthcoming family drama ShaadiKePatasey, a modern day tale set in contemporary settings. The film stars an incredibly talented ensemble, including veteran Actor Asrani, Shagufta Ali, Arjun Manhas and TariqImtyaz.
Talking about the film and its release, Tariq said, “Audience response gives us a lot of positivity and it will inspire us to keep on working. Audience’s feedback is important for improvement and better work”
The trailer for the film is out and been getting rave reviews and actor Tariq is happyabout it. He said, “Trailer got positive response, so I am happy about that. See when youcreate something, I mean I have been watching this ever since its conception, so it is hard forme to judge the work I have done. Once you get response from audience that is whenyou know, whether you have done a good job or not, whether it is positive or negative.
So far the audience response has been great. The fans, media, critics and everyone elsehas appreciated the trailer, so I am happy” added Tariq.
Talking about the his upcoming projects, Tariq said, “I have written ShaadiKePataseyand acted in it as well, next I will be doing Bath Salts and Side A Side B films”
The forthcoming drama ‘ShaadiKePatasey’  is helmed by ShahidKazmi and Produced by Sajad khaki andShahidKazmi.
Sajad Khaki, who is making his debut as a producer with the film said, “This is my firstfilm and I am feeling great about it. I got to learn a lot during this project, as the subjectis such; the movie is based on a social issue and we wanted to give out a social messagevia entertainment. So this project is a huge deal for me. The cast is amazing and thedirector of the film is brilliant. I thoroughly enjoyed working with veterans like Asrani andShagufta Ali. As a producer and creative person I gained a lot of experience with thisproject”
The film also stars SanamZeeya, Neha Lahotra, Rani Bhan, Hussein Khan, Mushtaq Aliand Mona Bhan.
The film is slated for 2019 release.

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