‘Chaman Bahaar’ The Only Good Thing About The Movie is Jitendra Kumar

Actor Jitendra Kumar better known as Jeetu Bhaiya has won the hearts of audience with his back to back stellar performances and that is the reason people were anxiously waiting for his next film ‘Chaman Bahaar’.

The film which was actually going to be his debut film has released today on Netflix and the only good thing about the film is Jitendra Kumar’s acting. Once again he has proven that he can dwell into any character!

‘Chaman Bahaar’ is a story of an ambitious pan seller, Billu played by Jitendra who wants to be known by everyone. He runs a small paan shop in an inessential area of the town. He feels dejected as his shop does not run according to his expectations. But suddenly his life takes a u turn when a family who has a teenage girl shifts in the house across the shop. Their daughter Rinku played by Ritika Badiani catches the eyes of the local boys there. Billu’s business flourishes as the boys start to gather around his shop to get a glimpse of Rinku. However, Billu is not happy now as he himself falls for her.

Film directed by Apurva Dhar Badgaiyann fails to impress the audience because this story has nothing new to offer. People have seen such stories many a times before. The film lacks the entertainment quotient.

The only thing good about the film is Jeetu’s acting. He plays the role of a small town sexually frustrated man too well. Ritika Badiani who does not have any dialogue in the film also looks promising.

Overall, you can watch the film if you are Jitendra’s fan!!

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