Check out the Second Trailer of Horror Film ‘Antebellum’

American horror film ‘Antebellum’ which was slated to be released in April 2020 got pushed due to widespread of Corona Virus all around the world. The film has finally got a new release date and it has been revealed with a new trailer of the film. This high concept horror thriller film is all set to hit the theatres in United States on 21 August, 2020.

The makers had released a teaser of the film before which was vague and did not reveal much about the film then. Now a new trailer has been released which provides the basic storyline of the film.

The film revolves around the life of a woman in the present day who has a happy life but then suddenly her life takes a dark turn as she is kidnapped and forced back into slavery through time travel. Actress Janelle Monae plays the role of this successful author Veronica Hanley who has to now fight back to escape this slavery and to return back to her own time.

The trailer of the film looks intense and suspenseful. The film also stars Kiersey Clemons, Gabourey Sidibe, Jena Malone, Jack Huston, Eric Lange, Tongayi Chirisa, Robert Aramayo and Marque Richardson. It is written and directed by Gerard Bush and Christopher Renz.

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