Disney+ Drop The Trailer Of ‘Secret Society of Second-Born Royals’

Original stories from Disney has their own charm, enthusiasm and contagious energy. Bringing a twist to the super hero genres, Disney+ just released the first trailer for their movie ‘Secret Society of Second Born Royals’. The film will make its premiere on 17th July on Disney+.

The movie focuses on a group of teens who are the second born children of royal lineage. It means that they can not become kings and queens but are designated to be prince and princesses. The story moves forward when these global dignitories learn that second born royals possess secret superpowers and abilities which leads them to form a team to protect the world.

The prinicipal photography of the film took place in May last year. The film is based on an original story by screenwriters Alex Litvak and Andrew Green and producer Austin Winsberg.

The film is directed by Anna Mastro. It features Peyton Elizabeth Lee, Skylar Astin, Olivia Deeble, Niles Fitch, Fall Rakotohavana, Isabella Blake Thomas, Elodie Yung, Ashley Liao, Noah Lomax and Greg Bryk. The film will make its premiere on July 17 on Disney +.

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