‘Ekta Kapoor is Playing The Woman Card’ Says Hindustani Bhau

Social media celebrity Vikas Pathak also known as ‘Hindustani Bhau’ claims that Ekta Kapoor is just playing the Woman Card to gain empathy, she doesn’t care or respect other women and he will show her the real power of a common man.

Slamming Balaji Telefilms head honcho Ekta Kapoor and her recent interview where she opened up about rape and death threats, Hindustani Bhau said, “She might be big, but she is not bigger than our country. She is playing the woman’s card. She is trying to gain sympathy from people by saying that she is been purposely targeted. Before saying this, she should have understood while making the series, she is insulting someone’s daughter, wife and sister. In my eyes such people are reckless; I don’t even count such people. If any person disrespects country, army and their families, I will not spare them”

Controversy between Ekta Kapoor and Hindustani Bhau started when he filed a police complaint against the producer and her mother Shobha Kapoor over allegations of disrespecting the Indian Army in her erotic web series XXX 2.

Further adding Bhau said Ekta is lucky that lockdown is going on or else he would have caused chaos in her life. He said, “First thing I want to say that she is quite lucky, because there is lockdown in the whole country. If it would have been normal days, I would have created a chaos in the whole country. I would have showed her the power of a common man. She is trying to show power of her money, but she is forgetting that because of common person she has gained that fame. Because of the common people her daily soaps got so popular. She doesn’t value and respect the common man, than he will show her own power”

Bhau has registered a case against Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor at the Khar police station for ‘inappropriate sex scene’ in her erotic web series XXX 2.

Further adding, Bhau questioned the authorities who have honored Ekta Kapoor with Padamshree. He said, “One more thing I want to say that, it’s my request to all the political parties not to make this controversy as a political issue. In fact, come forward and support the family members of the Indian Army. Through media I want to request to all the political leaders and also the CM of Maharashtra to take action against this and get justice for the Indian Army. By doing this they will also feel like someone is standing on their side”

“One thing I don’t understand why the government awarded Ekta with Padmashree Award’, just because she has made the daily soap, Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi and the series XXX. According to me, this contribution should not be counted and perhaps the award should be given to the people who actually work hard for their country”

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