Girlfriend Chor Famed Director Girish Jotwani Share Some Writing Tips

Five episodic series ‘Girlfriend Chor’ which is currently streaming on MX Player is received well by the audience. The story which is quite relatable to everyone is gaining good viewership with each passing day.

Director Girish Jotwani who has also written the show is very happy and elated with the response the show is getting. The casting of the show is being admired a lot. ‘People are finding it relatable and this is the best part’ said Jotwani who is basking in the success of the show.

When asked for a piece of advice for the aspirant writers, he said, “You just have to express your feelings. Begin with your own life and observe people around. Just start narrating your stories to people.Once you start enjoying the process of story telling then everything falls in place. “

The response from the first season has already made him start the work for the second season and he is currently busy writing the second season for the show.

Girlfriend Chor is a story of a college boy Aakash who gets friendzoned by uber cool Neha. His father Mohan then intervenes in his life with a mission to make him a girl friend chor.

Directed by Girish Jotwani, starring Shishir Sharma, Mayur More, Sonali Sachdev, Diksha Juneja and Himani Sharma, the show is currently streaming on MX Player.

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