I Missed My Social Life But Lockdown Was Fruitful For Me Says Abu Malik

Amid lockdown, some celebrities turned into chefs and few indulged in keeping themselves fit. Composer Abu Malik was busy working. The composer installed the machine at home and used to record new songs. Though the schedule of Abu was quite busy, he missed his social life. The lockdown for Abu was sad and gloomy also, because of the tragedies that occurred in the Film Industry and outside the industry.

Abu sharing the daily routine of his lockdown period said, “Amid lockdown, I was busy with my recordings. Actually, from October onwards I was busy working on my projects. I was working indoor, only twice or thrice a week, that also to sign the papers. My office is basically a rehearsal room and there were no shows, so my office visit was less. I have a machine installed at home and used to do recordings from here. I was busy recording and in fact, I recorded many songs at home. In this way, I made my routine.

Though my routine was quite busy, I was missing my social life, meeting friends, and partying with them. Otherwise, it was a comfortable time, except that we got to see so many tragedies in the film industry and outside the industry. It was too terrific to see people losing their lives in lockdown. Because of all these tragic occurrences, I used to feel quite depressed and sad. I believe if we want a good environment, we should take care of the needy people around us. In the course of lockdown, I took great care of my staff and other workers. This is how I spend my lockdown period, he added.”

Abu Malik claims to have produced and performed in nearly 10,000 shows around the globe, with all top Bollywood stars. He has also written a book called Rantings of a Mad Man. He is an uncle to Armaan and Amaal Malik and father to stand-up comedian Aadar Malik.

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