‘Ikk kudi’ fame singer Shahid Mallya opens up on his childhood struggle

It is said, Straight road is easy but it’s the curves that makes journey interesting. Same goes with our lives. What is life if there are no challenges? Strength comes after you face struggle in life. We know him as the voice of ‘Ek Kudi’ but we don’t know the struggle that went behind that voice to reach masses.

Shahid Mallya opens up on his childhood and struggle that he surpassed to reach  to this place in Bollywood today.

Talking about when and where he started his singing, he said, “Singing in my life started from my house only as my father is a singer. He considers Mohammad Rafi as his guru. I listened a lot to Rafi ji’s music during my childhood because of my dad. Till I was five and a half years old, I was in Mumbai only and then one day my parents had to go to attend a wedding in Punjab and Rajasthan. So post attending that marriage, my father met with an accident! Because of that accident, he was stuck for six years in that city”

“Papa was bed ridden for six years, my maternal grandfather was a tehsildar, he helped a lot for the treatment. We all were very small so we used to depend a lot on my maternal side. We used to live with them, play with them in the fields, bathe in rivers. I have worked in fields, sowed and reaped grains, have watered the fields in the night. With all this, I used to go to school also”

Speaking about his training in music, he said, “Post my tenth grade, my dad and I started doing small programs, devotional singing. We used to sing in gurudwaras. I used to play tabla with him. I must have played tabla in around 2000 events with my dad. Because of that I used to get a chance to listen to all the big singers from Punjab and Rajasthan. So I did not take any traditional training in singing but I used to get trained by listening to these singers. I got basic knowledge about music from there.”

Talking about his first experience of getting appreciated for his voice, he opened up and said, “When I came to college, I also started singing. I used to get a lot of appreciation for my singing. I used to take part in competitions and used to secure first position. From there on, I got motivated. In those three years, I took part in almost all the singing competition in Rajasthan and I used to secure 1st, 2nd, 3rd place. This gave strength to my family that he is singing well.”

Today, Shahid Mallya has given his voice to many top actors of the industry like Shahid Kapoor, Abhishek Bachchan, Farhan Akhtar, Vicky Kaushal and people are fan of his melodious voice.

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