Kartik Aaryan launches a new series ‘Koki Poochega’ dedicated to #Corona Virus fighters !

Expect the unexpected from this youth icon and heartthrob of the nation, Kartik Aaryan. His 2 minute and 24 seconds long monologue on #CoronaStopKaroNa, speaking about the importance of social-distancing to fight the pandemic took the social media by storm and even got our PM Narendra Modi talk about it on Twitter. Today the actor took another huge step for the masses. He has shared a video on his Instagram which gives us a glimpse of his new series on his YouTube channel.

To voice awareness about COVID – 19, Kartik Aaryan is coming up with a new show on his official YouTube channel- Kartik Aaryan- Baby Steps. The series will be called Koki Poochega, his nickname that his fans fondly call him on social media. Aaryan will be interviewing real life heroes of Covid-19- doctors, policemen, social workers and people who have fought and survived the fatal virus. After reminding everyone the importance of self-isolation through his monologue and rap, the actor now feels to speak to the survivors and bust some myths about the global pandemic. Speaking about this new series, the actor says, “Ever since the outbreak of COVID-19, there is too much of misinformation about the virus, masses are still confused about the dos’ and don’ts during these critical times. I really thought there needs to be clarity and speak to the people who have fought the virus. And it’s not just about putting forward questions about Coronavirus, it’s also for people to learn and understand how to kick out this virus – Not to panic, how to stay calm and how to strongly face these times. While the doctors, policemen and everyone serving our country are working day and night for us, as an actor I thought, this is the smallest thing I can do through this large medium. My show is nothing but to speak to every Indian, reach out to every household nationwide through these interviewees about safety and what are the right precautions at these times.”

After making a fervent appeal to the citizens to stay indoors through his internet-breaking monologue, this is yet another important act by Kartik Aaryan. The series will premiere today on his Youtube channel and the first guest on the show is Sumiti Singh, one of the first Corona survivors in India. The young actor is truly putting in a lot of effort for his fans. He even pledged Rs 1 crore for the PM Cares Relief Funds and made sure to support our country to fight Corona Virus.

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