Kumud Mishra and Gufi Paintal Devastated by Rishi Kapoor’s Demise

Actor Gufi Paintal and Kumud Mishra gets overwhelmed with the demise of veteran actor Rishi Kapoor, shares their thoughts on the untimely passing of finest actor in India.

Kumud Mishra, who worked closely with Rishi Kapoor in Mulk, said, “I am not in a state to speak anything now. I am really sorry for that. In 2 days back to back got to hear such sad news, it’s difficult to overcome. We’ll probably talk after 2 days. I am sorry.”

Gufi Paintal, who has been around in film industry for decades and has worked with Rishi Kapoor extensively, missed his friend dearly. He said, “He was my best friend. He left us and is gone, he has cheated us. Sorry I can’t talk more.”

In 2018, Rishi Kapoor was diagnosed with cancer for the first time, following which the actor was in New York for nearly a year to undergo treatment. He returned to India in September 2019 after recovering.

Post return to India, his health has frequently been in focus. The actor was admitted to hospital in quick succession in February. Amid speculations about his health, he had been hospitalised in New Delhi in early February, while on a visit to New Delhi.

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