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Punjabi musical tadka, Top 6 Punjabi songs of 2021 that ruled the hearts of millions

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The regional entertainment industry is developing colossally with steadily expanding principles. The regional music industry particularly from the region of Punjab and Haryana has acquainted one more section with the music business. Individuals have been enormously impacted by the forthcoming artists. The Punjabi music industry and the music labels like Zee music, Photofit Music, desi records have been making the best strides as of late and have filled rapidly. By and large, Punjabi music has been set up in Indian conventional music and still holds a critical piece of the ‘desi element’.


Regional music has grown significantly on streaming stages in recent years for the most part on account of more significant flexible internet entry and the climb of the close by the artist advanced all alone or through different stages like Photofit Music, Adds Mr. Rajiv John Sauson, Photofit Music. There have been songs that have broken startling records delivered by Suresh Bhanushali, record marks like Photofit Music.


Taking it forward, since it is the end of season Photofit Music presents the Top 5 Punjabi melodies that have snared our consideration this year and made us dance to its beats.


  1. Titlian (By Harrdy Sandhu)


In the first place, up to the rundown, we have Titlian Warga, Harrdy Sandhu has voiced this melody. Jaani was the Lyricist and Composer of this profound song. The melody Titlian Warga was generally loved by the crowd and became an internet sensation in a matter of time. Since then the vocalist has been known well for his heartfelt and delicate songs and has organized his fan base in that channel.


  1. Pani di Gal (Featuring Jasmin Bhasin and Mahinder Buttar)


Pani Di Gal is one more Punjabi melody that depicts the especially lovely essence of a relationship. The Song is brought through the Album ‘Jugni’. Maninder Buttar and Asees Kaur were the artists of the tune. The music video of the song has been adored by the people shot in the wedding scenery with a basic yet in addition sweet storyline.


  1. Jatt Yamla (Featuring Manish Goplani and Saba Khan)


This perky Punjabi melody “Jatt Yamla” Produced By Suresh Bhanushali, Photofit Music is Sung by Alia Khan, the song is adoration and exhibiting sweet chit chat that pretty much every couple goes through. The song holds a desi Punjabi vibe which makes the video exceptionally energetic directed by the most incredible in industry Amit K Shiva. Further, it is the chemistry of Manish Goplani and Saba Khan, which is winning hearts, that can be clearly found in the music video of Jatt Yamla delivered by Photofit Music. Further Mr. Rajiv John Sauson states, On one hand, the Punjabi gabru is as a rule totally sweet, and then again, the young lady’s expressive ways are making her look totally charming.



  1. Yamraj (Featuring Arman Malik, Kritika Malik and Payal Malik)


The melody Yamraj, highlighting the exquisite Kritika Malik, Payal Malik, and charming Arman Malik, is establishing its own standards of sorts. Delivered by Photofit Music and Produced by Suresh Bhanushali, the melody Yamraj has effectively earned a large number of views on its video on Youtube. The music video of “Yamraj” delivered by Photofit Music highlighting Kritika Malik, Payal Malik, and electrifying Arman Malik has snared watchers’ consideration and been applauded for their work generally, the music video of the melody Yamraj depicts the tale of betrayal. It was ably recorded and observed at the standard of greatness by the project head Mr. Rajiv John Sauson, Photofit Music.



  1. Bijlee Bijlee (Featuring Harrdy Sandhu and Palak) 


This amazing party song Bijlee Bijlee by Harrdy Sandhu, a debut with Palak Tiwari, daughter of Television actor Shweta Tiwari, who beautifully pulls out this adorable music to great heights. The song caught everyone’s attention and has been knit to the electrifying music and the heart-tucking lyrics of this Punjabi track, which garnered enormous love and support from the fans, already topping the charts now!



  1. Haye Ni Tere (Featuring Sara Khan and Ravi Nain)


Last but not least is clutching your hearts as this Punjabi track delivered by Suresh Bhanushali, Photofit Music. That legitimate Punjabi energy to the melody is given by Hardeep Khan, being the artist. The song depicts the sweet relationship storyline holding the genuine embodiment of adoration. The music video got massive love from the crowd, wherein the undertaking was marvelously taken care of by Mr. Rajiv John Sauson, Photofit Music. The cute storyboard has been an eye-pleasing component in the music video of “Haye ni Tere” delivered by Mr. Suresh Bhanushali and Photofit Music.


So we arrive at the end season of the year, these songs are unquestionably awesome to stroll down the melodic world of fond memories for 2021 and enter the new year with top-of-the-line fiery energies that last all year.  

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