Radhika Apte to Chop her Hair Off

Lockdown! Quarantine! Self Isolation! these words have brought monotony in the lives of people all over the world. People are dying to move out of their houses and bring some freshness in their dull life. While some are finding ways to do that at home only!! Actress Radhika Apte is ready to do that by choping her hair off.

‘Sacred Games’ actress took to her social media account on Sunday and wrote, “Going to take a pair of scissors and chop the length. I love how long and healthy my hair has grown. But It’s time to say goodbye! #detachment”

Along with this post, Radhika posted a picture of hers flaunting her long healthy hair. Soon after she posted this, her timeline was flooded with comments from her fans and closed ones. Some were against this decision while others supported it!

Looks like, chopping hair amidst lockdown is going to become a new trend amongst the bollywood actresses.  Earlier, Alia Bhatt also posted her new look with chopped hair on her instagram account. We will surely wait for Radhika’s new look!!

Radhika is currently staying with her husband Benedict Taylor in their London house.

On the work front, her next project is a television series ‘Shantaram’ but due to corona virus the project has been pushed. The series is based on the Gregory David Roberts’ bestselling novel of the same name.

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