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Raising Kids Is Tough Especially In Current Times Says Mini Mathur

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Actor Mini Mathur shares a long post about raising the kids amid chaos, which includes Corona virus pandemic, earthquakes, cyclones and speculations about “agenda” that “led to the sad demise of a young life”.

Mini Mathur, wife of filmmaker Kabir Khan, posted a picture on Instagram where she poses with her two children.

She wrote, “Long post alert: The world is going crazy right now. If a virus wasn’t enough to scare us into locking up, we had the largest, saddest human migration in history, cyclones, earthquakes, and now a scary border tussle while folks are going unhinged speculating about the “agenda” that led to the sad demise of a young life”

“It’s a tough time to bring up kids. To make yourself (and them) believe that this freaky time will disappear soon and there will still be a world worth living in. To give them a sense of security and yet not lull them into an imaginary la la land”

“Every day I wake up and try and make the day into a game. A contest. A simulation we need to navigate to get out alive. That there is a pot of gold to be won at the end of this unbelievable set up. How fast did we finish housework today on the stopwatch? Who gets more brownie points for clearing the table today? What are the mystery box ingredients available to cook our dinner? Whose turn will it be to choose the afternoon film? How long can each of us hold our breath to check lung power? Who gets to choose the family workout today? Who has the highest score of oxygen saturation at the table today? How do we get Kabir to star in a tiktok video without his knowledge?”

“Bets on who will be the one to trigger daadis rant against college capitalism on the dining table today? It’s scary…but as parents we are all doing our best to keep it light for our kids. Because…like my favourite film by Antonio Benigni, we gotta keep believing that Life is beautiful. #lifeisbeautiful #positivity #humour #kids #parenting #momlife #throwbackpic”

Mini is a noted host; she hosted an interview show with politicians, industrialists, and opinion makers on DD, the national channel.

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