Rani Chatterjee Speaks About Nepotism, Supports Kangana Ranaut

Actor Rani Chatterjee who predominantly works in Bhojpuri-language spoke in favor of Kangana Ranaut. Rani believes that if Sushant has committed suicide than Kangana is right. Because nepotism does occur in every industry, it may be Bollywood or Bhojpuri Industry. She further expressed that Sushant’s death news was so disheartening for her that she cried for many days and also stopped speaking with her friends.

Rani on Sushant death said, “If due to depression Sushant has committed suicide then definitely Kangana is right. Because even I am an actor and have completed a long journey in Industry. Though I am not from Bollywood, I am from Bhojpuri.  So whatever Kangana is saying is true, as she herself must have experienced the same. And such things happen in Industry. I totally support Kangana, because something unfair has been done to Sushant. I think even the actors and the people who are raising voice for Sushant are relating themselves with him. I believe that nepotism is in every field and due to this people are getting more connected with him.

Rishi Kapoor and Irfan khan’s death had a reason, as they were ill and were hospitalized. Even their death was also quite heartbreaking. But Sushant’s death news was really shocking.  I came to know through my manager. First, I thought he was joking. But when I saw the news, I was totally numb. The news so terrific, it was really hard to believe. Till 4-5 days I was stressed and depressed. But after a few days when the reasons and celebrities’ name came out in relation to his suicide was really traumatizing. I cried for a few days and even stopped speaking with my friends. My mom seeing me like this explained me to not to think so much and get depressed. But seriously whatever has happened was too distressing and heart-rending, she added.”

Meanwhile, on the work front, Rani Chatterjee is famous for her roles in films like Sasura Bada Paisawala, Sita, Devra Bada Satawela and Rani No. 786

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