Richa Chadha And Pooja Bhatt Slam The Irresponsible Reporting of Sushant Singh Rajput’s Death

Sushant Singh Rajput’s demise has left the entire nation in shock but what is more disgusting is the lack of empathy with which some people and some media houses have been reporting it. Some are trying to describe the method of his death while others have been forwarding images of him lying dead on the bed. Actress Richa Chadha and Pooja Bhatt have come forward to slam these insensitive people.

Richa Chadha shares a picture and wrote, “yeh duniya agar mil bhi jaaye, to kya hai?”  After seeing and hearing of what all has been happening, she penned it down and wrote, “Some events put everything in perspective. As actors, all our lives we’re advised to chase stardom, And we do. Perhaps we’d live differently if we knew that the world won’t allow us peace even in passing. Our grieving families will have mics shoved in their faces, pictures of our beloved  bodies will be mere forwards. Voyeurs and vultures will have a party. A person is a piece of breaking news. How fickle this success and how strict it’s definition. How unloved we actually are that this allowed to happen when one is defenceless. How long should we worry about those that don’t love us but in this hallucination. I wonder.”


She further wrote, “Stop bombarding the dead with your grating advise all you self proclaimed philosophers and sudden experts on mental and emotional health. Have you walked in their shoes? Were you in the room when they made their decision? Did you care to navigate their hearts through days and nights of deep despair? So do me a favour please – when I die (as we all will someday) however it happens, as it is not us but life that decides…don’t offer me suggestions nor attempt to analyse my supposedly chosen or unchosen death. Now go back to collecting more trophies in the form of selifes and contemplate your own lives instead. It’s easy to offer advise on social media. But the truth is that most don’t have the capacity, heart and  stomach to deal with the fires that truly engulf the other. A sanitised version of a person is what most prefer…not many have the appetite for blood, spittle, snot, tears, oozing hearts, uncertainities and certain death.”

Sushant’s untimely death has left the entire country in a state of shock. Fans are not able to fathom this truth that he is no more with us.

We pray for his departed soul !

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