Shanghai Is Extremely Relevant Today Says Abhay Deol

Actor Abhay Deol just took to his social media profile and drew a parallel between his 2012 release Sanghai and current politically charged Bollywood!

Since the sad demise of Sushant Singh Rajput, Abhay Deol has been dropping one bomb after the other by talking openly and truthfully about the recent buzzword ‘Nepotism’. He has not been mincing words since then and today he has come up with another hashtag #MakingWhatBollywoodWouldnt by comparing it to his critically acclaimed movie ‘Shanghai’.

The ‘DEV. D’ actor shared a poster of his film ‘Shanghai’ and wrote, “Shanghai, released in 2012. A contemporary Indian take on the Greek NOVEL “Z” by author  Vassilis Vassilikos. Directed by Dibakar Banerji this film puts systemic corruption in politics  front and center, with devastating impact. Extremely relevant today. Looks like these days one could make a film about the corrupt practices of Bollywood! By the way, not sure if the current outrage will give rise to an Independent Hindi film and music industry, without the unoriginal tag of ” bollywood”, but it sure feels good to hear loud voices from within the industry, risking their careers for the bigger “picture” (pun intended).( @priyasreedharan we gotta make another movie! What Wasim Khan’s Instagram handle?) #makingwhatbollywoodwouldnt”

‘Shanghai’ film revolves around the lives of group of people who embark on a journey to unravel the mystery behind a social activist’s death. Like the film unravels the dirty truth of our politics, the same situation is currently prevailing in the bollywood and the music industry, where the ugly and the bitter truth are slowly coming out.  The dirt behind those gleaming lights is coming out in the public!

The actor who has appeared in several critically acclaimed films, earlier spoke about why he boycotted the award functions as they being the ‘FamilyFare’ functions only recognise the filmy families and the star kids!

With one post after the other, we must say the actor is really not shying away to speak about the harsh and bitter realities of the industry. Kudos!!

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