Short Film Zoya Talks About Nature And Current Predicament Says Rajesh Tailang

Actor Rajesh Tailang says his recently released short film Zoya talks about current nature and current predicament and addresses the way can heal mother-nature.

Zoya is written and directed by Sahirr Sethhi, starring Rajesh Tailang, Manjot Singh and Geeta Agrawal Sharma, is all set to release in India. The movie will stream on MUBI. The film is shot entirely on location in the jungles of Kanha Tiger Reserve.

Talking about the India release and the film, Rajesh said, “If I see this film from today’s perspective, I understand that it’s very important to take care of our mother nature. The same idea has been highlighted in the film. It talks about the cleansing of mother-nature and also how we can take care of our environment and ourselves. So basically, the film talks about the whole journey of our connection with mother-nature”

“The film addresses the way we can heal our environment and also our inner self. In other words, it talks about inner and outer healing. Amid lockdown, the world is going through many hustles and bustles.  And I think this is the time that we should understand the importance of our environment and the changes we should bring in ourselves” added Rajesh.

The film has been making rounds at International film festivals and with 5 international award wins, released in India on May 9.

Rajesh Tailang also added that he is a wildlife freak and loves shooting short film, as it allows him to work with new people.

He said, “I keep doing short films because it gives me an opportunity to work with new people. For me money is not criteria, I just love doing my work. And while doing this film I enjoyed it a lot, because I am a wildlife freak. I love to see and do documentaries on animals. The story of this short film is also based on wildlife. It is shot in Kanha National Park. I really enjoyed working on this project.”

The film is an adventure-drama set deep in the jungles of Central India, between a demanding wildlife conservationist and his eager-to-please intern, both trying to track and save a missing tiger.

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