Sonnal Pradhaan is back with ‘Aa Baija Mere Kol’ with ZEE Music Company

Sonnal Anuu Pradhaan is back on the circuit with her latest trending song, Aa Baija Mere Kol with Zee Music Company, the song is out and climbing the charts quickly.

Blessed with soothing and silky voice, singer Sonnal Pradhaan has many hits under her belt, and now her latest song Aa Baija Mere Kol, which is a solo romantic track; she will definitely rule the charts once again.

The song is produced by Zee Music Company; the song is crooned, written and composed by Sonnal, a multi-talented artist, indeed. The song is beautifully and simply shot keeping the social distancing in mind. The singer shot the song in her house keeping in accordance with lockdown rules.

Sonnal hails from green-lush valley of Dehradun, and has made a name for herself in Television and film singing. She has crooned massive hits for Ghost, Maaya2 and more. Her hit also includes popular numbers like Neendein and Ganpatideva.

Her new song got almost a hundred thousand hits within hours of its release.

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