Soulful Punjabi Love Song during Lockdown! New single of Dhunkii Beats ‘Rol Ke Na Jaa’ by Vibhas and Aakanksha Sharma is out now

After the great success of the first single ‘Tere Chale Aane Ke Baad’, the mellifluous voice of Akanksha Sharma and Vibhas are back with another lovely track “Rol Ke Na Jaa” released on Dhunkii Beats. The label founded by the Indie music supporters Raajeev Sharma and Meet Bros has released this melodious song across all platforms. It’s a love-sad song with a beautifully shot story and fresh composition, making the mood more soothing during the lockdown.

The song is written by Sonu Saggu, Composed by well-known music composer Vibhas featuring Vibhas and award-winning singer Aakanksha Sharma. The song is directed by Sumit in the scenic location of Palampur, Himachal Pradesh.

The Meet Bros said, “This song is a blend of efficacious singing, tempting arrangement and brilliantly narrated story. Vibhas and Aakanksha’s heartwarming singing is truly soulful and people will love this touching song and its music video”.

Vibhas said, “This song is special for me because of many reasons, firstly the emotive lyrics written by Sonu Saggu, captivating guitar played by Sushant (Rinkoo), fascinating cinematography of Vinay Laheja and good direction of Sumit. This is my second single with Dhunkii Beats and Aakanksha Sharma and I’m very thankful that the entire team of Dhunkii Beats helped us make this song so complete.”

Aakanksha said “I had a really fun time while shooting the song, the entire team worked really hard to make every frame and sound engaging and I hope people will love the song as much as we loved every bit of it while we shot it in beautiful locations of Palampur. I remember for one scene I had to eat green chilies to give natural expressions of anger and sadness at the same time, which is in the beginning of the video”

Co-Founder and Label Head, Raajeev Sharma said; “Vibhas and Aakanksha sang the song so beautifully that we planned to portray a story featuring them only and surprisingly it is looking really mesmerizing on screen. The song is the perfect companion during the lockdown situation where people are away from their loved ones and to make young couples realize that misunderstandings may come your way, but never make a decision in haste”.

So here is a treat to ears of music lovers who like soothing Punjabi songs, get ready to make this lockdown more soulful.

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