The 5 Episodes of ZEE5 Horror Series ‘Raat Ka Khel Saara’ will Give GooseBumps

In the midst of lockdown, everything is on halt, comprising the entertainment industry. In such a boring situation OTT platform is the solitary source of entertainment. Nevertheless, there are many, but ZEE5 is the only digital space that gives an incredible kick to their audience. From comedy to romance and action thriller shows, the ZEE5 series just pick of the bunch. ZEE5 over again for its viewers who love to get fright and scare is showing the series, ‘Raat Ka Khel Saara’.

The series is a dub of the Marathi series ‘Ratris Khel Chale’. The show was brought into the Hindi language after a successful run on the regional channel. It also has a prequel season that is currently airing on Zee Marathi. The show is about Anna Naik’s family, set in a small village in Maharashtra. Anna’s bad deeds are reflecting on his children as they suffer from paranormal occurrences.

The horror series ‘Raat Ka Khel Saara’ is sure to give you the goose-bumps. The story revolves around the ghost of Shewanta, Anna’s dead mistress.

The first episode starts with the ghost of Shewanta who is seen in white saree with her face not visible, but just a long hair.

The show in its second episode gets more excited, when the phone rings. It is Shewanta on phone and her dreadful voice scares everyone.

In the third episode you will get more enthusiastic as the curse on the family is revealed, but this is not the end of the story! You will need to dig in to know the suspense of Anna’s infidelity and his wandering ways with women. Further, the murders he committed are all brought to light!

The fourth episode will surely hold your back. Because the doll which the ghost uses to scare the family members was buried by Anna’s son Datta. Shewanta’s spirit finally tries to enter the same doll and murders the members of the family.

The fifth episode is the scariest one! Anna Naik collapses on the day of his son’s engagement and he can see all the white-eyed ghosts of the people he has brutally murdered. Anna Naik also tries to speak but is silenced by Shewanta just before he dies! Is it just a heart attack or paranormal foul-play? Find out in this intelligent series!

So, what are you waiting for? Make your tedious and wearisome lockdown into the thrill and exciting one. Download the app and enjoy the exceptional series of ZEE5.

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