Tillotama Shome Urge Everyone To Share The Load

Actress Tillotama Shome is known for her strong female centric roles just took to her social media and urged everyone to “Share The Load” as household chores shouldn’t be done just by women.

Tillotama shared a note on her social media profile. She captioned it, “The stories I am hearing from women are really distressing. Since the lockdown began, working women are struggling to work and do all household chores. Some I spoke to had to quit their jobs. Some are facing violence at home for not fulfilling their ‘duties’ well enough. Since my husband returned, I have been able to work 14 hours a day because he is doing all the work at home. Clearly I am extremely privileged. Taking care of the home is not a woman’s job. Share( or don’t, it’s totally cool) if your partner is helping you at home. Let’s create a culture where this is normal. #sharetheload”

And the note read, “My husband returned after 6 months. He walked home, with me on urgent calls. He cooked for me, cleaned for me, so I could work non stop. Beyond putting clothes in a washing machine, men please help, if you are not. #ShareTheLoad”

Meanwhile on the work front, Tillotama is currently seen in the digitally-released film, Chintu Ka Birthday, which also features Vinay Pathak, Seema Pahwa, Reginald Barnes, Nate Scholz, Vedant Raj Chibber, Bisha Chaturvedi, Khalid Massou and Mir Mehroos.

The story of the film revolves around a six-year-old named Chintu, whose expatriate family is stuck in Iraq around the time of Saddam Hussein”s fall.

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