Supermodel Vibhu Sharma donates to the daily wagers in Mumbai

Corona virus has hit the world and last few weeks have been difficult for the nation as well the world in large. What happens next no one knows but there are millions of people who aren’t affected by the disease directly by indirectly. Many who are safe from the disease are yet in great danger because of the lockdown. Someone has no food, someone has no salary, someone is facing problems taking care of the family. But this is the only way to stay safe and stay alive.

Vibhu Sharma Corona Donates

Fashion industry seems to be quite glamourous and glitzy but many wouldn’t know about the inside stories. You must have heard about the saying, “Everything that glitters is not Gold”. This is so true when it comes to the fashion industry. The models, the back stage workers aren’t so financially secured, all of them earn money from shows and assignments and aren’t less than daily wagers, some earn more and some earn less. But at the end of the day most of them earn hand to mouth. Not just them there are so many designers who would be effected by this, the textile industry also would be effected and it would damage the lives of poor artisans. People find the lives of the models to be the best seeing it from outside but i promise getting in the boots of the professionals one would understand the struggle and the pain. Knowing of many models who have to pay rent of the houses in a city like Mumbai and not work for a month means end of the career. But there are many who are in worst conditions, house help, guards, cleaners, building workers, they all have been asked not to come amidst lockdown and its not a holiday period for them, its effecting their livelihood as they have no security at all.

Vibhu took this up as a concerned citizen to take care of these people, it might not be an amount in crores but the amount is sufficient for those maids who dint have enough to even feed their families, those gaurds who have been asked not to come, night gaurds who also fear coming out of their tiny little hut in a slum. He has taken care of these workers who have been dependent on instsnt money to run their household. As many celebrities started to donate to the PM care funds which is commendable and worth all appreciation, this super model from Mumbai dint miss an opportunity to be the saviour of these workers and donate them a handsome amount to all of them from his savings. Now thats not a small deal to give away all your savings but it needs a big heart as Vibhu to do the same.

Vibhu Sharma Covid19 Donation

Vibhu Sharma is a super model and an actor, he is the title holder of Mr. Mumbai not just once but twice in 2014 & 2020. He is a successful businessman with multiple ventures – he owns a chain of gyms, food supplement business, shipping as well as cargo & logistics. Vibhu is a fitness icon and a social media influencer with over 70k followers on his Instagram where he motivates the followers to stay fit and healthy.

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