Vir Das, Rohit Roy And Riteish Deshmukh Demands #JusticeForJayarajAndFenix

While our country stood out for justice for American African man Geroge Floyd, an equally horrifying case has taken place in our country which has shaken everybody. Custodial death of father son duo Jayaraj and Fenix who owned a mobile shop in Sathankulam, Tamil Nadu has jolted the whole country.

They were brutally beaten up by the police for keeping their shop open for a few minutes more than the permitted time and eventually the two succumbed to death.

There is an outrage across the country after this incident and everyone is demanding justice for them. Many Bollywood Celebrities are also coming forward and tweeting for the same.

Actor and comedian Vir Das wrote, “What happened to a father and son at the hands of those policemen is wrong at every human level and every single person irrespective of place of origin or political belief needs to stand up for them It is plain horrific  and wrong. DEMAND action. #JusticeforJayarajAndFenix”

Riteish Deshmukh tweeted, “This is tragic and absolute National Shame. It sends shivers down my spine even reading about it. We all must stand together against this barbaric brutality. #JusticeforJayarajAndFenix.”

Rohit Roy Bose wrote, “Omg this seems like a scene from a gruesome slasher film!! Ugggg just to hear the narration makes my blood boil…Shame!! Justice must be served! #JusticeForJeyarajAndFenix”

We hope that the justice for Jayaraj and Fenix prevail soon!

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