Wajid Khan Was A Very Positive And Helping Person Says Manmeet Singh

Singer and composer Manmeet Singh of Meet Bros talks about recently deceased music composer Wajid Khan, of Sajid-Wajid duo, says he was a positive person and was very helpful.

Talking about Wajid Khan and his relationship with him, Manmeet Singh said, “Wajid was one of the most soft hearted, soft spoken and a positive person in the industry. Being in music industry people mostly get very self-centred and very complicated. He always had a smile on his face and always willing to come out and share what he knew about his craft. So many times in the initial part of my career, I remember I was recording qawali and wanted to understand about one of the rhythm patterns so I called him.  He was so helpful, that he actually helped me in recording the qawali. Ever since then we became a very good friends and I realise he’s got lot of good in him”

“We would talk a lot about everything. Once he told me that we should avoid doing only one or two songs in the movie and should build our own brands. And I told him that the time is going to change, we’re doing what we’ll eventually be and he didn’t agree with me. But then there was a time after 3 to 4 years we were sitting at Erix and having lunch, he said that you guys saw it coming much before I did, so I think it was a learning for us as well. It takes a lot for a person to recall something about what he said and realise that the other person is correct and to accept it and acknowledge it, and appreciate it, is something only a man with a large heart can do.

“That is why I really liked him a lot. I’ll always remember his smiley face. It’s really unfortunate that we lost such a talented musician from the industry. My heart goes out for his entire family. He’ll always be missed” added Manmeet.

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