We Have To Learn To Live With Corona Virus Says Kiran Kumar

Recently, veteran actor Kiran Kumar was diagnosed with Corona Virus and since then he was quarantined at his home. In his third report, he was diagnosed negative with it and finally his body is corona free. After experiencing this deadly virus, actor Kiran Kumar has given a special message to all his fans and loved ones and have asked them not to be fearful of it.

Sharing his experience he said, “I was diagnosed with COVID positive on 14 of this month. I had no symptoms, but the report said I was carrying the virus. Anyways I informed the authorities and self quarantine me at home on the different floor from the family. It’s been a process of uncertainty, but I always knew that there is nothing to fear about corona. Corona is not a death warrant; we don’t have to be scared. One should not get stressed about it, because it’s just like an ordinary flu. You take an antibiotic and evacuation shot and it goes away. Though it takes time, but it’s curable. There is lot of fear going out in our society about the virus, but according to me there is nothing to worry about it.”

This quarantine time made him realise the importance of his family and closed ones. Thanking them he said, ” One thing I have learned during my isolation period was the love and care my family was capable to give me. I don’t want to thank and be formal to anybody, because they are my loved ones. But I still want to thank my wife, my children, my sister, my support staff Pramod Sharma and Jaikumar for all the support, love, care, warmth and the patience they showed.”

Sharing an important and valuable message for all the people out there who are fearful of catching this virus, he said, “One important thing I want to say is that in case if you are detected with corona or COVID you don’t have to rush to hospital. Because you are having no symptoms and you are fine, just out of fear you are doing that. Don’t do that because in short you are unnecessary occupying the bed and depriving the one who actually needs the bed.  We should always see that we are 130 millions of Indians; we all work together and stand one.

Corona virus is no big deal and we have to learn to live with it. I know and I can understand that there will be lots of changes in our lifestyle, but then we will adapt. There might be some financial problems also, but then l we will learn to live in little less and everything will be fine.”

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