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Believe in me I will not disappoint, says Omung Kumar on PM Narendra Modi.

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Omung Kumar says fans have trusted me before, have seen my work and what kind of films I make, so I hope they will believe in me and watch PM Narendra Modi

Filmmaker Kumar interacted with media during a promotional event on Thursday. He announced that the makers in another two days will share the new release date of the film.

Omung during the interview addressed his fans, and urged them to wait for the film, he said, “You have trusted me before, you have seen my previous work and what kind of films I make so believe in me and so watch this film. I am sure you won’t be disappointed. It’s an inspiring story and you will all love it.”

PM Modi has been surrounded by controversies since the first poster and trailer came out, people have also gone as far as to say the film is propaganda.

When asked the director to comment to the claims he said, “Why would it be propaganda, I don’t understand because nobody told us to make the film and this idea was in Sandeep Singh’s mind three years ago. He had tested the story back then but it wasn’t the right time but when I was shooting with Vivek on the Sets of best Dramebaaz we had thought that we will do a film together.

And later when Sandeep approached me for this story I thought if I don’t do this someone else will. It was too huge of a story for me to give up. And just like that everything fell into place, I met Vivek he said yes and went on with the project”

Omung also said the election dates are mere coincidence, “As for the date, we didn’t know when we were going to release it whether in May or April. We announced the film started working on the script screenplay and by Jan we began shooting. When we figured we could release in April election dates were announced, it’s just that everything came together the way it did. And now people are thinking it is a propaganda film but it is not.”

Asked if he will choose to make films is other genres again he said, “I have been working on scripts and there are different genres in the pipeline but I don’t want to announce anything yet.”

Directed by Omung Kumar and starring Vivek Oberoi ‘PM Narendra Modi’ the film will traverse the journey of Narendra Modi from his humble beginnings to becoming the Prime Minister of India.

Produced by Suresh Oberoi and Anand Pandit, the film’s release has been postponed, while the new date hasn’t been announced yet

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