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‘Incredible India’ will spread patriotic feeling among citizens of the country

by ravisharma

Makers of forthcoming film ‘Incredible India’ have started its promotion in a very unique way by launching calendar of every artist.
There are very few filmmakers in the film industry whose intent is not to earn money but to spread patriotic feeling among citizens of the country. India was considered as an incredible country before the partition where people from different cast and religion happily lived together. Through the film, makers are trying to make audience responsible towards their country then, it can become an ‘Incredible India’ as title suggest of the film.
After the independence, India got divided in two countries which are known as India and Pakistan. India is still regarded as incredible country where people of different religion live together but still good souls are struggling against evil spirits. These evil spirits are repeatedly attacking the two countries and trying to create hatred among them.
Producer of ‘Incredible India’ Raja Raj Singh Rajput has decided that 25 percent of the earnings from the film are for the country’s martyred soldiers and the affected farmers.
‘Incredible India’ is a mutual battle between good and evil spirits of both the countries, in which many innocent people are killed. For the first time, a film has shown mutual war between the two countries and the message is also being given through it.
Produced under the banner of RR Films, Renuka Singh Rajput and Raja Rajput ‘Incredible India’ will have five heroes, five heroines and five villains in this film, which is a wonderful case of cinematic history.
‘Incredible India’ has an ensemble cast which features Rajpal Yadav, Mushtaq Khan, Ali Khan, Ramesh Goyal, Basheer Khan, Dilip Kedar, Vishal Desai, Prashant Pundir, Tanushree Mukherjee, Vijay Singh Patel, Kapil Solanki, Shiv Pujan Tiwari, Ramcharan Patel, Vinod Patel, Nagendra Kumar Patel, Shweta Sinha, Gulab Patel, Rajkumari Saket, Ajit Aryan, and Zakir Khan in important roles.
Asif Zakir has composed music of film and lyrics are being written by Khalid Bhati and Mohammad Atik. Executive producer is Awadesh Verma.

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