Priority Should Be Intervention Right Now Says Rahul Dev

Actor and Model Rahul Dev says that he is not worried about film industry surviving the lockdown, his main concern is that someone from mankind or some divine intervention helps us find a cure for this pandemic.

With Lockdown being extended, the survival of daily wagers from all the sectors, including film industry, holds in peril. Most of the productions are being stalled or cancelled, with no income, the survival of many artistes, technicians and other related sub-industry in turning out to be difficult.

When asked what worries him the most and how the industry will brave out this storm on this Rahul said, “Frankly speaking this thought never came in my mind. I will be very honest. I have been reading a lot of tweets but how the industry will come back to work is not on my list of priorities. My only priorities are that some intervention should come from above, maybe like a vaccine and mankind should come out with a cure. The only thing I am hoping at the moment is that life becomes normal”

Amid lockdown, every actor is busy doing some of the other activities to keep them occupied, actor Rahul Dev known for portraying powerful antagonists on-screen has been reading his next two scripts.

Sharing his daily routine, Rahul said, “Mix of things I am doing, I am reading 2 scripts which have been offered to me and making notes of it, then catching up for television. I watch movies, I do the cooking. In fact, I even prepared breakfast for today.

“All these general things I keep doing. Apart from this I also wrote a bit on twitter and shared a few things on Instagram. I also keep myself connected with the current news that comes in my way. I and the building people are connected with 2 of the security guards telephonically because we have asked them to stay back. And as they are staying for the past few days, we are providing them food regularly.”

On the work front, Rahul Dev was last seen in ZEE5’s original movie Operation Parindey, helmed by Sanjay Gadhvi, written by Tajas Dhhanraj and produced by Arti Gudal.

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