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Trust Me, You Won’t Be Disappointed With PM Narendra Modi Says Omung Kumar

by priya

Filmmaker Omung Kumar urges fans to trust him with forthcoming political-biographical drama PM Narendra Modi, says fans won’t be disappointed.
PM Narendra Modi has seen its fair share of controversy and now the film has been delayed, filmmaker Omung Kumar says, “You have trusted me before, you have seen what kind of movies I make and the ones that I have made, so believe in me and go watch this film and I assure you, you won’t be disappointed. It is an inspiring story and you all will love it”
Known as biopic king, Omung Kumar also added that he was shying away from making another biopic as he wanted to try other genre.
He said, “I was shying away from it, I was telling people that I have other ten to twelve movies to make, but it so happens when I start working on it, when I announce it, suddenly a big thing comes into my lap that I can’t refuse and it becomes a biopic. And fortunately or unfortunately, it has become my forte. People make love stories, they are king of love stories, I am this and I have no problem with it”
“Earlier I had problem that I might be type-casted as a director who makes only biopic so now that has happened after two release, now people trust me” he added.
Speaking on the issue of release date of the movie ‘PM Narendra Modi’ director Omung Kumar said, “Suspense! The film isn’t releasing tomorrow, not on 5 April. But it’ll be done soon, you’ll get to know. We don’t want to tell you the date now. Opposition had come forward, tried things. It’s late but we know what date to release it on. It’s wrong to say it’s a propaganda film and voter will change.”
‘PM Narendra Modi’ has come under a cloud, with opposition parties claiming that its release was originally planned for April 5 with the intention of influencing voters in the Lok Sabha elections.
The film depicts the journey of Modi from his humble beginnings to his years as a chief minister and finally his landmark election as the Prime Minister. Oberoi is essaying the role of Modi.


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