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Setters is not anything like ‘Why Cheat India’ but on a bigger scale says, Ashiwini Chaudhary

by priya

Director Ashwini Chaudhary who is gearing up for ‘Setters’ cleared all comparisons between Emraan Hashmi’s ‘Why Cheat India’ and the Shreyas Talpade starrer.

Filmmaker Ashwini interacted with media during the trailer launch of the film. From the film’s trailer, the characters can be seen dealing with the scams in the education system which is a similar plot as compared to Hashmi’s ‘Why Cheat India’ that release in 2018.

When asked if there are any similarities he said, “No it is nothing like that, I am sure alot of people have watched Cheat India and I watched it too. Cheat India and Setters are two different films. Cheat India dealt with only the education system and mafia while Setters will deal with education and employment mafia both which is a very big racket in the country. Cheat India is just the tip of the iceberg, Setters is on a different level, the kind of research has gone into making this film makes it completely different.”

Chaudhary also added that the film is more realistic and less dramatic as opposed to the former release, “Cheat India gave it a good try but I believe that even if you make a film on such subject and you have done good research and present it realistically people will resonate and appreciate it. So it doesn’t if a film has already come out on that subject. But I do not see any similarity as well as I don’t see a disadvantage.”

“I chose to look at it as an advantage, the audience will have a recall of the subject hat something like this exists so that will help the film.” he added.

The makers recently released a rap song from the film titled, ‘Kartootein’ that share glimpses from the film. Setters is about a racket which arranges brilliant students to appear in examinations in place of the real candidate for money. The film stars Shreyas Talpade, Aftab Shivdasani, Sonnalli Seygall, Vijay Raaz, Ishita Dutta. Pavan Malhotra, Jameel Khan, and Pankaj Jha.

Directed by Ashwini Chaudhary Setters is set to release on 3rd May.


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